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Building a Positive Family Culture


Have you pondered about what you want your family culture to look like? 


“Culture” is the shared attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors of a group of people passed from one generation to another. It is the invisible hand guiding all of our decisions. 

Family culture is formed over time from a variety of influences. Our media choices in particular play a vital role! The adversary knows this, hence the endless flow of intellectual and spiritual garbage pouring through almost every media channel. But fortunately, we live in a time where parents have options!


Discover Living Scriptures Streaming:

Shaping Positive Family Culture!

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Our friends at Living Scriptures have crafted a digital streaming haven for uplifting and faith-building content, transforming and elevating family culture. 


Now is the ideal time to join:

  • Exclusive 60-Day Free Trial: Use the link on this page for an extra long free trial!

  • Positive & Uplifting Media: Align your family with values you cherish.

  • Ad-Free Latter Day Kids Videos: Watch all 200 Latter Day Kids videos ad free!

  • Discover Faith-Building Content: Explore a library more than 5,000 inspiring movies and shows!

  • Risk-Free Experience: Cancel anytime with no further obligation.


Bonus Offer: 

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Sign up in the before 11:59pm on March 31st using the link on this page, and receive a FREE digital copy of our new workbook: "Book of Mormon 2024 Study Companion for Families | Volume 2!" Just forward your receipt to to claim it!

It's time for parents to shape the narrative. Escape the noise and embrace something better.


Support media providers who share your values & try Living Scriptures Streaming today - 100% free!

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