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Come follow me lessons for kids

Our journey began several years ago when we were searching for video resources we could use to teach our young, energetic, and beautiful boys the gospel of Jesus Christ. There wasn't much out there so we decided to start creating our own videos together with our kids! We started a YouTube channel in 2015 and we have been posting videos there ever since!


We are a husband and wife team and we make all the videos (and other resources) right here in our home! Jared is the visionary behind Latter Day Kids. He animates all of the videos and creates all the lesson materials. Marcie is the graphic designer, photographer, and social media manager. Our kids are the voice actors you hear in most of the videos! 


Jared worked professionally as a public school art teacher for 13 years before making the transition to full time self employment. Marcie is a freelance graphic designer and full-time mother to our five beautiful children! 

Our greatest hope is that these resources will make the gospel of Jesus Christ relatable and accessible for young children!

Jared + Marcie

About Us
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