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The Atonement of Jesus Christ (Come Follow Me Lesson for Kids: April 29-May5)

This week's Come Follow Me topic is the Atonement of Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ has overcome sin and death through His marvelous sacrifice. Because of Jesus Christ, we will all be resurrected. Through faith in Christ and through repentance, we can become spiritually clean and pure and return to live in the presence of Heavenly Father with a resurrected body!

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➤ L E S S O N

Open the lesson with a song and a prayer.


🎶 O P E N I N G S O N G : "Did Jesus Really Live Again?"


➤ P R E P A R A T I O N

Gather some seeds to use as a prop (something familiar to the children would be ideal). If you don’t have any seeds, you can simply cut out small seed shapes from a piece of paper. Also prepare a small container with some dirt or soil inside (for “planting” the seeds).


➤ I N T R O D U C T I O N

Give a seed to each child, then discuss the following questions:

1) What is this that you are holding? (A seed.)

2) What can this seed become? (A plant.)

3) What has to happen in order for the seed to become a plant? (Planted in the earth, water, sunlight, etc.)

4) When the plant starts to grow, what happens to the seed? Will the seed still be there? (No, the seed won't be there any more. The seed is broken to turn into a plant.)

Explain that “sacrifice” means to give up something valuable for something else that you want more. If we want to grow a plant, we have to sacrifice the seed.

Ask the children to “plant” their seeds in the small container of dirt. As they do this, explain: “If we want the plant to grow, we must be willing to sacrifice the seed. This is what sacrifice means.”


🎥 V I D E O : "The Atonement of Jesus Christ"

Say: “We are going to watch a video about Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice that He made for all of us. See if you can tell what Jesus had to sacrifice, and why He was willing to make that sacrifice.”

Discuss the following questions after watching the video:

1) What does it mean to sacrifice something? (Discuss.)

2) What sacrifice did Jesus Christ make? (He suffered pain and sorrow, and He gave up His life.)

3) What sacrifice did Heavenly Father make? (He sacrificed His Only Begotten Son.)

4) What blessings do we receive because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice? (Resurrection, cleansed from our sins, live with Heavenly Father again.)

5) Why did Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ make this sacrifice? (Because they love us.)


➤ S C R I P T U R E

Read the following scriptures, then discuss the questions that follow. Explain that this is when Jesus Christ was visiting the people in the Book of Mormon after He was resurrected.

1) Why did these people ask for mercy from the Lord? (Because they wanted to be forgiven of their sins.)

2) What does the "atoning blood of Jesus Christ" mean? (It means the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us.)

1) How is it possible for the Heavenly Father to have mercy on us and to make us clean and pure? (Because of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made.)

2) Is there any other way for us to be forgiven of our sins and to have salvation? (No, only though the Atonement of Jesus Christ.)

3) Is there any other way for us to be resurrected? (No, only through the atonement of Jesus Christ.)


➤ A C T I V I T Y

Come Follow Me Lesson for kids

Option 1: Color and assemble the scene with the sliding tabs (so that Jesus can move up and down, and the stone can move from side to side).

Option 2: Color the coloring page.

Use this time to talk about the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


➤ T E S T I M O N Y

Bear testimony of the truths found in the scriptures.


Is there a way to access the lessons in advance?

come follow me lesson for kids

This is a question we are asked frequently, and the answer is...yes!

Our quarterly workbooks contain ALL of our upcoming weekly lesson bundles for the current quarter of Come Follow Me 2024! 


The workbooks also give you instant access to download all of the videos to save directly to your device! (No more wifi, no more ads, and no more Youtube!)


Benefits of using the workbook:


  • Everything all in one place/grab and go/super easy to use!

  • QR codes to download the videos and save them to your device (no ads, no wifi)!

  • Ability to make notes and refer back to them later!

  • Option to plan ahead and preview upcoming lessons!

  • Even less prep time!

If you are curious and want to take a peek inside, just click the link below! If not, we hope you will continue to enjoy the free weekly lessons!


'Come, Follow Me' is a resource offered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is designed to be used in the home to support personal and family scripture study to build faith in Heavenly Father and His plan of salvation and in the Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Come, Follow Me is self-contained and adequate, when used properly. Products and materials designed to supplement this resource, though they may be helpful in some instances, are not necessary for a successful home study program.


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