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Jesus Was Baptized: Jan. 23rd-29th

When Jesus Christ was baptized, he was baptized by immersion in water. And when we are baptized, we are baptized by immersion in water! Water is beautifully symbolic! It is referenced many times in the scriptures and throughout the gospel of Jesus Christ. Water gives life (we cannot survive without water)! Water is mighty and powerful! Water is also a cleansing agent! Jesus taught that when we are baptized in his name, we will be sanctified by the Holy Ghost “that we may stand spotless” before Him at the last day! Christ is the living water, and through the power of His atonement we can be cleansed of all sin. This week, as you study Christ’s baptism, we hope that you will feel the importance of these simple and powerful truths and that your hearts will be gently drawn to Him.



➤ L E S S O N

Open the lesson with a song and a prayer.


🎶 K A R A O K E V I D E O : "When I Am Baptized"


➤ P R E P A R A T I O N:

You will need a small bowl of flour, a large bowl of water, and a towel.


➤ I N T R O D U C T I O N

Ask for a volunteer. Invite the volunteer to place their hands in the flour (so that their hands are lightly coated with flour). Invite the volunteer to hold up their hands to show that their hands are dirty. Now invite the volunteer to wash their hands in the bowl of water. Allow the other children to take turns doing the same activity if they would like to have a turn.

After you have completed the activity, discuss the following questions:

1) If we want to wash dishes, what do we use? (Water!)

2) If we want to wash our clothes, what do we use? (Water!)

3) If we want to wash our hair, what do we use? (Water!)

4) Can you think of some other things we can wash with water? (Discuss.)

Explain the following: When we are baptized, we are baptized in water, just like Jesus Christ was baptized in water! Water is a symbol, and it reminds us that all of our sins are washed away by the atonement of Jesus Christ!


🎥 V I D E O : " When Jesus Was Baptized | Animated Scripture Lesson for Kids"

Say: “Now we are going to watch a video about Jesus Christ’s baptism! See if you can remember who baptized Jesus!”

Discuss the following questions after watching the video:

1) Who baptized Jesus? (John the Baptist!)

2) Who gave John the power and authority to baptize? (He was given the power and authority to baptize from God.)

3) If Jesus didn’t have any sins, why did He choose to be baptized? (He was setting an example for us, to show us that it’s important for all of us to be baptized.)

4) Why do we go all the way under the water when we are baptized? (It’s a symbol! It reminds us that we are beginning a new life as a follower of Jesus Christ, that all of our sins are washed away, and that we will all be resurrected because of Jesus!)


➤ S C R I P T U R E

Read the scripture verses below and discuss the questions that follow.

And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him.

1) What happened right after Jesus was baptized? (This spirit of God went upon Him.)

2) What gift do we receive after we are baptized? (We receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!)

3) What is the gift of the Holy Ghost? (It means that after we are baptized, we can have the Holy Ghost with us all the time if we will try to keep God’s commandments.)

And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

1) What did Heavenly Father say after Jesus chose to be baptized? (Heavenly Father said that He was well pleased with Jesus.)

2) How do you think Heavenly Father feels when we choose to be baptized? (Heavenly Father is well pleased with us too!)

Now this is the commandment: Repent, all ye ends of the earth, and come unto me and be baptized in my name, that ye may be sanctified by the reception of the Holy Ghost, that ye may stand spotless before me at the last day.

1) Who is speaking in this verse? (Jesus is speaking.)

2) What did Jesus tell us to do? (Jesus Christ said that the commandment is to repent and to be baptized in His name.)

3) What blessings did He promise if we will be baptized in His name? (We will be sanctified by the Holy Ghost, and we will be clean and spotless from our sins.)

4) What does it mean to be sanctified? (It means to be clean, pure, and holy.)


➤ C O L O R I N G P A G E

Pass out coloring pages, one to each child. Invite the children to color the coloring page of Jesus being baptized in the river Jordan. Use this time to talk about Jesus Christ’s example, and the symbolism of being baptized in water by immersion.


➤ T E S T I M O N Y

Bear testimony of the truths found in the scriptures.


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