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"Latter Day Kids books are such a beautiful resource. They teach values in a playful and age appropriate way.  I read these with my three children ages 6-1. They love the animals and are engaged with the storylines. I love having books about abstract emotionally intelligent concepts in our home. They are such a beautiful tool that give a common language and understanding that child and parent can springboard off of to have those nuanced conversations."  


-Katelyn H.


"My kids and I have been obsessed with the Latter-Day Kids videos for years, and I was through the roof when I found they were going to make some of their stories into picture books! I love that the characters in the stories are relatable, trying their best, but have room to grow - just like all of us do. The stories are clever, the illustrations capture my kids attention and hold them, and the best part - my kids are learning core values like honesty, integrity, and friendship at their level. I cannot wait to add every single one of these books to our collection and I am so grateful to Jared and his family for creating cherished books we will read again and again."


-Stephanie L.


“We have been big fans of Latter Day Kids for a couple of years now, and I was so excited to hear that they are releasing books based on their videos! The books are a great tangible resource for parents to teach their children about forgiveness, sharing, honesty and other values that are much needed in the world. My kids and I all really enjoyed The Angry Bee book and I love having this book in our home!”


-Kate N.



The Helpful Digger (A Story About Serving Others)

  • The Helpful Digger has a special talent. He is really good at seeing the needs of others! Whenever he meets someone new, he looks around for a moment and he asks himself the question. "Hmm, I wonder if there's something this person needs?" The reader is encouraged to solve each new riddle along with the Helpful Digger, providing a fun opportunity to practice social awareness and thoughtfulness. As the adventure rolls along, the Helpful Digger encounters a baby bird, a turtle, an abandoned lot, two cars in trouble and a purple flower. Will the Helpful Digger be able to help them all?

  • This book is printed on demand and fulfilled by Amazon. All requests for returns or refunds must be handled through Amazon customer service. 

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