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A child friendly take on the classic "boy who cried wolf" story that extends into a lesson on keeping covenants with God.


Please note: these videos are available for free on the Latter Day Kids Youtube Channel. As a convenience and for those who would like an alternative to YouTube, we have also made these videos available as purchasable MP4s.

"Sully the Seagull" - Video Download

  • After completing your transaction, you will be directed to a new screen with the download link. The download link will aldo be sent to your email address. The links will work for 30 days, so make sure to download the video file and save it to your computer or device before the 30 days expires!

    How to unzip your downloaded .zip file: 1) Double click on the zipped folder, or right click on the folder and select "unzip." 2) Now look for the video file in your downloads folder (not inside the unzipped folder).

    Tip: Once unzipped, the video file moves itself out of the zipped folder automatically and it joins the other files already in the downloads folder. Search by the title of the video. 


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