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"Latter Day Kids books are such a beautiful resource. They teach values in a playful and age appropriate way.  I read these with my three children ages 6-1. They love the animals and are engaged with the storylines. I love having books about abstract emotionally intelligent concepts in our home. They are such a beautiful tool that give a common language and understanding that child and parent can springboard off of to have those nuanced conversations."  


-Katelyn H.


"My kids and I have been obsessed with the Latter-Day Kids videos for years, and I was through the roof when I found they were going to make some of their stories into picture books! I love that the characters in the stories are relatable, trying their best, but have room to grow - just like all of us do. The stories are clever, the illustrations capture my kids attention and hold them, and the best part - my kids are learning core values like honesty, integrity, and friendship at their level. I cannot wait to add every single one of these books to our collection and I am so grateful to Jared and his family for creating cherished books we will read again and again."


-Stephanie L.


“We have been big fans of Latter Day Kids for a couple of years now, and I was so excited to hear that they are releasing books based on their videos! The books are a great tangible resource for parents to teach their children about forgiveness, sharing, honesty and other values that are much needed in the world. My kids and I all really enjoyed The Angry Bee book and I love having this book in our home!”


-Kate N.



Tangled Wires: A Story About Honesty (Physical Book)

  • When Merrick the robot tells a lie, his wires get all tangled up inside! No one can see the wires, but once the wires are tangled up, Merrick starts to malfunction! His eyes turn the wrong way! His head goes up and down too fast! His arms swing around uncontrollably! His rockets fire at all the wrong times! And his wheel spins out of control! There is only one thing Merrick can do to get his wires untangled. He must tell the truth! Tangled Wires: A Story About Honesty is the perfect book for parents who want to teach their young children about the importance of strong character, honesty and integrity.

  • This book is printed on demand and fulfilled by Amazon. All requests for returns or refunds must be handled through Amazon customer service. 

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