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⁃Follows the 2024 Come, Follow Me schedule for The Book of Mormon

⁃Filled with many fun, hands-on, and engaging activities.

⁃Designed to nurture testimonies and engage young minds and hearts.

-Includes original animated videos to engage young children in gospel learning. 

-Teaches children important skills such as learning how to answer scriptural and doctrinal questions in their own words.

Book of Mormon Study Companion & Video Downloads (January-March 2024)

$14.95 Regular Price
$4.95Sale Price
  • Plan ahead and get access to all of the Latter Day Kids lesson bundles in advance!

    Purchasing this book also gives you access to download all of the animated videos to your device (ad free, no more youtube!)

    Designed to help parents and leaders have special teaching moments with young children. Every week there is a variety of fun, hands-on activities to help children learn to seek, experience, and apply the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Each lesson includes:

    -An object lesson or engagement activity.

    -An animated video (A QR code gives you access to download the video to your device, ad free!)

    -Discussion questions designed for young children.-Coloring page or printable art activity.Bonus:

    -A QR code link to download all of the videos to your device at once (ad free)!

    This lesson and activity book is a collection of all Latter Day Kids weekly lessons for the first quarter of 2024 (Week 1-13). A complete lesson is included for each week of Come Follow Me that aligns with the weekly reading in the scriptures.


  • Because of their digital nature, all purchases of downloadable items on are final once the file has been downloaded. 

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