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The Sabbath Day: April 25th - May 1st

Teaching our children about the sabbath day can be a challenge. It's very easy to get fixated on the "do's and don'ts," and that sometimes leads to missed opportunities to talk about the doctrine and the principles (and the blessings!) behind this commandment. If we can succeed in teaching our children the doctrine, we might be pleasantly surprised at how willing and able our children are to govern themselves!




➤ L E S S O N

Open the lesson with a song and a prayer.


🎶 O P E N I N G S O N G : "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus "


➤ P R E P A R A T I O N

You will need a blindfold, an image of Jesus Christ, and a cup of popcorn kernels or uncooked dry beans.


➤ I N T R O D U C T I O N A C T I V I T Y

Sit together at a table and place the image of Jesus Christ on one end of the table. Ask for a volunteer. Place the blindfold on the volunteer and tell them that their mission is to start at the opposite end of the table and make a trail of popcorn kernels leading all the way to Jesus Christ. They must place the kernels one at a time, and they must wear the blindfold the whole time! If they aren’t sure what direction to go, they will have to guess!

Now repeat the activity, but this time, allow the volunteer to lift the blindfold and peek once every seven kernels.

Once you have completed the activity, discuss the following questions:

1) Was this activity easier the first time? Or the second time? (It was easier the second time!)

2) Why was it easier the second time? (Because they could see where they were going every seven kernels!)

Explain: Today we are going to learn about the Sabbath Day! The Sabbath day is a blessing for us and it’s there to help us! Every seven days, God has given us a special day to remember Jesus Christ and to look where we are going!


🎥 V I D E O : "Sophie and the Sabbath Day | Animated Scripture Lesson for Kids"

Say: “Now we are going to watch a video about a girl named Sophie! Sophie takes pet photos to earn money, but she doesn’t take pet photos on Sundays. Let’s watch and find out why!”

[Watch Video: “Sophie and the Sabbath Day | Animated Scripture Lesson for Kids”]

Discuss the following questions after watching the video:

1) Why doesn’t Sophie want to take pet photos on the Sabbath day? (Because she wants to use that day to remember Jesus Christ!)

2) What did Sophie choose to do instead? (She went to church, took the sacrament, made a photo that reminded her of Jesus Christ, and served her aunt.)


➤ S C R I P T U R E

Read the following scriptures and discuss the questions that follow.

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

1) Who is speaking in this verse? (God is giving the ten commandments to Moses and the Israelites.)

2) How are we blessed when we keep the sabbath day holy? (It helps us to remember Jesus Christ.)

Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you.

1) What are some things we could do on Sunday to give Heavenly Father as a sign that we remember Him? (Discuss ideas.)

Thus we see how quick the children of men do forget the Lord their God, yea, how quick to do iniquity, and to be led away by the evil one.

1) Are we forgetful sometimes? (Discuss.)

2) Can you think of some things Heavenly Father has given us to help us remember Him? (Discuss things like the sabbath day, the sacrament, the scriptures, and other things.)


➤ A C T I V I T Y

Pass out the coloring page to each child. Invite the children to color all of Sophie’s photos. Invite them to circle the photos that Sophie took on the sabbath day.


➤ T E S T I M O N Y

Bear testimony of the truths found in the scriptures.


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