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Introducing Latter Day Kids Picture Books a new book series that teaches timeless principles and moral values to young children through storytelling!

Based on the popular video series of the same name, these charming stories are the perfect blend of entertainment and education! The books will delight your children and they will simultaneously support you (parents, grandparents and teachers) as you strive to empower the rising generation!

Available only through amazon!


As you know, there are many benefits of reading to children, and reading together is one of the most important and special activities we can engage in with our little ones. This is why we are simply overjoyed to finally make some of our most popular stories available in picture book format!


Latter Day Kids videos have now accumulated more than 25 million views on YouTube, and each of the new books is adapted from one of our popular animated videos! Early readers will delight in rediscovering the stories they know and love! And with the new children’s book format, parents will have the ability to guide the conversation based on the needs and understanding of the child! Each book also includes a set of discussion questions at the end of the story to prompt further exploration of the principles and values taught in the story.

"Latter Day Kids books are such a beautiful resource. They teach values in a playful and age appropriate way. 

I read these with my three children

ages 6-1. They love the animals and are engaged with the storylines. I love having books about abstract emotionally intelligent concepts in our home. They are such a beautiful tool that give a common language and understanding that child and parent can springboard off of to have those nuanced conversations."  

Katelyn H.

"My kids and I have been obsessed with the Latter-Day Kids videos for years, and I was through the roof when I found they were going to make some of their stories into picture books! I love that the characters in the stories are relatable, trying their best, but have room to grow - just like all of us do. The stories are clever, the illustrations capture my kids attention and hold them, and the best part - my kids are learning core values like honesty, integrity, and friendship at their level. I cannot wait to add every single one of these books to our collection and I am so grateful to Jared and his family for creating cherished books we will read again and again."

Stephanie L.

“We have been big fans of Latter Day Kids for a couple of years now, and I was so excited to hear that they are releasing books based on their videos! The books are a great tangible resource for parents to teach their children about forgiveness, sharing, honesty and other values that are much needed in the world. My kids and I all really enjoyed The Angry Bee book and I love having this book in our home!”

Kate N.





When two bees accidentally bump into each other, one of the bees becomes very angry! The angry bee wants to make the other bees feel bad, so he refuses to fly with the colony. The other bees try to invite him to return and fly with them, but the angry bee won't do it! Instead, he spends all day sitting on a leaf being angry! Eventually, the angry bee realizes that he is only hurting himself by keeping so much anger in his heart.

The Helpful Digger has a special talent. He is really good at seeing the needs of others! Whenever he meets someone new, he looks around for a moment and he asks himself the question. "Hmm, I wonder if there's something this person needs?" The reader is encouraged to solve each new riddle along with the Helpful Digger, providing a fun opportunity to practice social awareness and thoughtfulness. As the adventure rolls along, the Helpful Digger encounters a baby bird, a turtle, an abandoned lot, two cars in trouble and a purple flower. Will the Helpful Digger be able to help them all?



Four whales want to join the swimming team! When training begins, three of the whales try with all of their hearts! But one of the whales doesn’t try very hard, and he whines the entire time. “I’m too tired,” he says. “This is too hard!” At the end of the swimming season, the whiny whale learns an important lesson about the consequences and power of his attitude. Then, armed with a new attitude, he joins the swimming team again to give it another try!



When Merrick the robot tells a lie, his wires get all tangled up inside! No one can see the wires, but once the wires are tangled up, Merrick starts to malfunction! His eyes turn the wrong way! His head goes up and down too fast! His arms swing around uncontrollably! His rockets fire at all the wrong times! And his wheel spins out of control! There is only one thing Merrick can do to get his wires untangled. He must tell the truth! Tangled Wires: A Story About Honesty is the perfect book for parents who want to teach their young children about the importance of strong character, honesty and integrity.

Drake the Duck lives with his friends near a pond where children gather often to feed the ducks. Drake is a very fast swimmer, and he soon learns that he can use his speed to get all the oats before the other ducks can get them! All summer long, Drake takes all the oats for himself, and he saves them in a great big pile! “Do you see me?” Drake says. “I have the biggest stack of oats in the whole wide world!” But, when it’s time to fly south for the winter, Drake doesn’t want to leave his precious oats behind! Instead, he spends the whole winter out in the cold, sitting on top of his precious pile of oats! Eventually, Drake starts to miss the other ducks, and he discovers that oats aren’t really all that great. Drake made a mistake! He realizes that his friends are much more important to him than a big pile of oats! 



“Such a cute teaching story! Our four kids completely related and understood the moral of honesty through this fun robot analogy. We’re so excited to have this as a reference in our home we can return to again and again”


- Sharolee

“Our family loves Latter Day Kids videos. So to now have the stories that our kids know in written form is fantastic! Our children can pick up and read their favorite stories without turning on the TV. These books are going to be fantastic for church and teaching at home! Thank you for making so many great resources for our kids!”

- Jason

"From the minute my kids saw the new Latter Day Kids books they have been so excited! We love watching the videos each week so they recognized their favorite stories right away. I’m excited to have these books in our home to provide a tangible way for them to internalize these important messages. Thank you Latter Day Kids!"



Latter Day Kids Picture Books were created to make it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with your children about scripture-based values and principles! You’ll have new opportunities to discuss some important real-life topics that young children encounter on a daily basis such as: 



-Sharing with others


-Serving others

-Having a positive attitude

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