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Pay Nothing, Get Both!


When we finally decided to try Living Scripture Streaming, the entertainment media in our home took a giant leap forward.


It was "Netflix" for LDS families --- an entire digital universe of POSITIVE and UPLIFTING movies and shows! Family culture is formed over time from a variety of influences. Our media choices play a vital role.


Fortunately, we live in a time when parents have options!

Discover Living Scriptures Streaming:

Shaping Positive Family Culture!








Limited Time Offer:

Our friends at Living Scriptures have crafted a digital streaming haven for uplifting and faith-building content, transforming and elevating family culture. 


Now is the ideal time to try Living Scriptures Streaming:

  • Exclusive 60-Day Free Trial: Use the link on this page for an extra long free trial!

  • Positive & Uplifting Media: All content aligns with the values you cherish.

  • Safe Platform for Kids: Curated content you can trust!

  • Discover New Content: Explore a library more than 5,000 inspiring movies and shows!

  • Risk-Free Experience: Cancel anytime with no further obligation.

Bonus Alert! 











Sign up in the before 11:59pm on Jan 6th using the link on this page, and you'll also receive FREE access the the Latter Day Kids Video Vault ($79 VAULE)! Just forward your receipt to to claim it!

It's time for parents to shape the narrative. Escape the noise and embrace something better.

Try Living Scriptures today - 100% free!



PS - Are you already subscribed to Living Scriptures Streaming? If so, we have a special offer for you as well! From now till the end of February ONLY, get access to the Latter Day Kids Video Vault for 50% off the regular price! (Click here!)



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latter day kids video downloads
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